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Director's Message



Over 8600 Peace Corps Volunteers have proudly served the people and communities of the Philippines since 1961, the year President Kennedy founded the Peace Corps.  Although times have changed since then, the Peace Corps mission- to promote world peace and friendship has not.  As you read our website, we invite you to discover what Volunteers and their Filipino counterparts are doing today to meet the challenges that face this most wondrous of archipelagos which is home to famously warm and wonderful people, diverse cultures, over 150 languages, and 7107 islands.  

During 2014 Peace Corps Philippines focused the efforts of our 160 Volunteers to address development needs of three sectors prioritized by the Philippine Government- Education, Coastal Resource Management, and Children, Youth and Families.  

In collaboration with the Department of Education, education Volunteers teach in formal settings in elementary, secondary and tertiary institutions; as well as in non-formal Alternative Learning System (ALS) placements where they address the educational needs of youth who are seeking to continue their study by non-traditional means.   Along with Filipino teachers, PCVs model best practices and provide teacher training to support the on-going professional development of their colleagues.
Volunteers serving with the Children, Youth and Families sector are partnering with DSWD programs, NGOs and the 4Ps Program (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or Conditional Cash Transfer Program), a National Anti-Poverty program where the poorest families may be eligible for monthly stipends. This program provides outreach activities and services for children, youth, and families in especially difficult circumstances. Work also began with 4Ps beneficiaries to support and mentor youth who are first generation college students, through the ESGPPA (Expanded Students Grants-in-Aide Program for Program for Poverty Alleviation).
Coastal Resource Management Volunteers are dedicated to protecting and sustaining the fragile ecosystems which provide an increasingly precarious livelihood to coastal populations.  In partnership with LGUs, Volunteers support initiatives that address the specific needs of their coastal community such as marine protected area (MPA) establishment and management planning, fisheries management, integrated coastal use zoning, sustainable coastal tourism and environmental education. 

We are grateful to the many, many Filipino individuals and organizations which provide support and partnership to our Volunteers.  Your friendship, guidance, and community and cultural embrace are essential to Peace Corps’ success.

Yours in Service,
Jean E Seigle